Monday, August 3, 2015

Setting Goals

I recently set a new goal for myself: I signed up for the 70.3 IRONMAN Texas! Yes, I – the one who hated running, the one who had a panic attack during an open water swim, the one who fell and chipped a tooth during a training run – am going to compete in an IRONMAN.

How exactly did this happen? Well, it really began when I volunteered as a stripper for the 70.3 IRONMAN Texas this past year. And before you ask… No, I didn’t dance and take my clothes off! My job was to take the wetsuits off the athletes as they came out of the swim. Seeing these guys come out of the water – some excited and others discouraged – and encouraging them to keep going was so exciting for me. During those moments, a little voice inside my head whispered, “I want to do that!” And so the goal was set. Every day since that experience, I stalked the IRONMAN website to see if registration was open. On Tuesday, it finally was. Now here I am officially training for a 70.3!

As many of you know, I love Meredith Atwood and her blog Swim Bike Mom. In her book, Triathlon for Every Woman, she talks about the Three Tiers of Goals. They go something like this:

Time to Achieve
Quick Goal
1-3 months
Main Goal Race
6-12 months
Crazy Goal
2-25 years

According to the book, your Quick Goal should be completed in 1 to 3 months, and you should actually have several Quick Goals in mind. Next, there’s your Main Goal Race. This is the race – you know, the scary one that gets you out of your comfort zone. As Meredith says, “When people ask you what you’re training for, the Main Goal is the race you shout out.” Finally, there is the Crazy Goal. This is the race you dream about… the one that seems impossible.

My Three Tiers of Goals look something like this:

Time to Achieve
Quick Goal
Olympic Triathlon
Main Goal Race
Crazy Goal

I already have one Olympic tri under my belt, and in October I will be doing my second one. My October tri will be different, however, because now I have a coach helping me out. I’ve been training with my coach for over a month now, and am already starting to see results. In fact, I completed the Shadow Creek Ranch Sprint Triathlon and I PR’d by 20 minutes! So, as you can imagine, I’m really excited to see how I do at Mammoth Lakes on October 3rd!

Training this week has gone well. After taking a few days to recover from my tri, I did a Magic Mile and finished with a time of 9:01. This was 37 seconds faster than last year. I ended my training week with a 27-mile bike ride and a 20-minute run. Until next week!

Workout song of the week:  “Fire Woman” – The Cult

Inspirational quote of the week:  “Fear, to a great extent, is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story.” – Cheryl Strayed


DWS said...

Great post!

Unknown said...

Awesome!!! You are your funny personality and great attitude!!

Jay Flunker said...

hola Julie wow praise the Lord! I like ur writing ur goals down it even speaks of the power of that practice in the Bible: "Write the Vision down and leave it where it can be read readily"(that's in Habakkuk 2:2-in Old Testament). Please keep chronicling your progress, it's extremely inspirational to me!!! I recently did back-to-back Sprints(Cypress and League City the past two weekends) so I think I got the bug �� hoping to do an Olympic soon, May God bless you with all you need!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie - very inspiring my friend! I will definitely keep reading!

TammyLigon said...

Julie, this is awesome! Love it!!! :))